Little Fox Animal Doctor App Reviews

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Visually stunning!

Amazing illustrations and graphics, and easy to navigate. My favorite was the poor owl - loved the X-ray machine!

Wont open

This game wont open!

Not working

I bought it. My kids were excited. The screen goes black and kicks out of the game. Cue disappointed kids.

Wont open

Just wont open at all. Very disappointing.

This app wont open for me either, hope this gets resolved soon. Just glad I tried it before letting my granddaughter play, very disappointed!

Wont open!

Cant get through the intro without it crashing! Wish I had read all the reviews, not just the current one. Disappointing and a waste of money!

Great app

My daughter loves this app. I hope that more animals and more "sickness/injuries" are coming.

Wont even start.

App wont even start before it crashes. Very disappointing.

Toddler loves this!

I have a 2 1/2 yr old and got this game as he loves to do this sort of thing. (Fixing patients) he is really enjoying playing it. The price is a little steep though, hoping they will come out with more animals/scenarios soon then it wont seem so high.

Boring! Not worth the $$

My daughter liked the fox. The graphics are cool but the game is boring, its just a repeat of the same animals. $$ not worth it.

Quality App

Another quality app from creators Fox and Sheep. Beautiful graphics and delightful activities with lots of learning along the way. My grandchildren go back to it over and over. The updates and added animals make this app worth every cent. @JudeStevens

Love it!

Great, wonderful animation and graphics! Much more attention to detail than in many other kids games. Kids very happy with it. Thanks for the new animals!

Wont open

Looks cute and we purchased but it is just a black screen when it opens. We have the correct operating system and download tons of apps and this has never happened so I dont know whats wrong. Can I get a refund?


I cannot get into the game. There is just a black screen for about 15 seconds before I return back to my home screen. Please fix this, because this looks like a fun game!

Wont open

Just a black screen and then closes. Please fix!

Doesnt work

Like others have said, just opens to a black screen & nothing else. And this is a featured app? Did you geniuses even bother testing this POS?


I want a refund. Just purchased and downloaded, its a blank screen!


Was so excited to try this. Cute idea. And it is editor choice! So I purchased it for my grandson BUT it wont open. Just black screen then back to my home screen. Can someone fix this or do I get a refund???

Be patient

There is a black screen while it loads for about 50 seconds but it does work and is awesome. Love their animations. So cute!

Doesnt work

Screen is black then the app crashes. Garbage

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